Why Digital?

What is so great about digital hearing aids?

The easiest way to explain why digital hearing aids are "that much better" is to compare their capabilities to analog (non-digital) hearing aids.

The most basic analog hearing aids are non-programmable. Dr. Beckman can make some changes to these types of hearing aids, but with limited precision and flexibility. Higher-end analog hearing aids are programmed using a computer, thus offering more fitting precision and flexibility than non-programmable aids.

Advanced digital hearing aids offer the greatest precision and fitting flexibility. Digital processors offer a variety of options not available in analog processors, which your hearing healthcare provider can activate to customize your hearing aids to your needs.

How does the hearing aid know how things should sound?
Wearing digital hearing aids is like having tiny computers inside your ears. Mathematical formulas called algorithms are used to analyze sounds as they enter the hearing aids. Dr. Beckman can pre-set these algorithms to match your hearing profile; then as sound enters your hearing aids, the algorithms adjust the sounds appropriately. For example, if you have difficulty hearing quiet sounds, your hearing aids will amplify the quiet sounds and limit louder sounds.

Not all digital hearing aids are created equal.

Digital hearing aids are inherently more accurate and flexible than their analog predecessors. Yet not all digital hearing aids are created equal, and a growing assortment of digital instruments is becoming available, form basic to advanced. All will perform the basic requirements of amplification to meet the needs of your hearing loss. Some of the most advanced products have specialized algorithms to go a step further. For example, they may be able to separate speech from noise, help eliminate occasional whistling (feedback) or background hiss or amplify the voice of the person you're looking at over the crowd around you.

Ask Dr. Beckman about the different levels of technology. Be assured that you can find hearing aids that fit your special needs and your pocketbook.

Is digital technology right for me?

We know that you are an individual with unique needs and expectations. Compared to its analog predecessors, digital processing offers you:
  • A wider range of adjustment
  • Greater precision
  • Less feedback
  • Better comfort in noise

Talk to Dr. Beckman to find out if digital technology could enhance your life.