Quality and service are not just words to Beckman Audiology. Since 1987, patients and customers have become accustomed to the professionalism of Dr. Beckman. Valuing your time as his own, through careful time management appointments are scheduled to prevent long delays in the waiting room.

Proper treatment depends on an accurate evaluation. To prepare you to make an educated decision regarding solutions to any hearing problems, Dr. Beckman will perform a complete diagnostic audiologic assessment (complete hearing test).

Services are offered for all ages at Beckman Audiology. From newborn, toddler, or school age, to adults, as well as our seasoned citizens, we are ready and able to evaluate and assist everyone. Beckman Audiology is proud to serve all of Southeast Texas, as well as Southwest Louisiana.

Beckman Audiology stays on the cutting edge of hearing aid technology. Not limiting ourselves to a single hearing instrument manufacturer, we take advantage of all the different possibilities current research and development makes available to us. Thus, we have the flexibility to provide the device best suited to one’s needs. Offering a 30-day trial period, or a little longer if needed, we want you to be satisfied. If you are not happy with the results, we will be glad to refund 100% of your investment. We want you wearing your new hearing aids daily and enjoying them, not keeping them in a drawer collecting dust.

Do you have a problem with water getting in your ears? Let Dr. Beckman take care of it. Making hundreds of swimmers’ earplugs every year, Dr. Beckman can keep you dry. Especially suited for children, though available for anyone, these plugs are designed for keeping unwanted water from entering the ear canals or through the eardrums due to PE tubes or perforations. Our earplugs are professionally designed and fitted for maximum comfort and effect. However, as there is a slight chance some water might get through, we will provide you information about this when the impressions are made.

Living in Southeast Texas for most of his life, Dr. Beckman has been practicing audiology in the same area since 1987, in his warm-hearted, old-fashioned manner. He stays busy with his family, and is active in his church and community, as well as his profession.

Over the years he has also helped train many audiology students working on their Master's Degree or Doctor of Audiology Degree at Lamar University in Beaumont, Texas.